We provide software consulting and we have a very talented resource pool ideally suited for such assignments. You can also opt for part of the team to be based at our offshore development center.

Offshore Development

The entire team will be based at our development center in India, and communication with the analysts/client will be over the internet/phone and short trips.

IT Outsourcing

We provide consulting, planning, implementation and maintenance of all your IT needs. You can have an entire IT department run by us.

Web Authoring

Our Web Development team specializes in creating aesthetic web pages.


We will help get your business online, right from planning new processes/practices to the implementation and maintenance of your e-Business.

Application Development

We develop custom applications for our clients. Involves system study, feasibility analysis, design, implementation, testing, installation and maintenance.

Product Development

We take your ideas from "Concept to Product ". We will start from informal discussions/story boarding/scenarios/use cases and proceed to feasibility study, concept refinements, prototyping if necessary, through design, implementation, testing, debugging and release.


We also develop prototypes within short time frames. In many cases, this is the best solution to get a head start over your competition. If you are looking for a prototype that will act as a technology/concept demonstrator, you are at the right place.